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Dreams Outback
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by Donna Norrod

Donna Norrod In 2005 when Darrell first told me that he was called by God to write a book, I never dreamed it would become a book so full of his innermost being!

How could God call Darrell to write a book without having the knowledge of how to write a book or any literary skills?

Here is a man born of an Appalachian family whose English was considered "briar language". Darrell said certain words in a way of his own, never spoken in the English language known to the common man. I thought this language of his own was because of his upbringing, being a descendant of Tennessee, but lo and behold, it turned out that he pronounced and spelled certain words the way he heard them. Little did I know that Darrell was unable to hear certain phonics when it came to pronouncing or spelling a word? After being married to Darrell for forty years, I was clueless of this fact until I got involved in helping him type his manuscript.

But that didn't matter to God. And with Darrell's determination to write the book, Dreams Outback, he accomplished his task with God's help by overcoming each obstacle set in his way by the devil himself.

As I began to type Darrell's manuscript, I thought to myself, 'Where is all this coming from?' Then, I realized these profound words and feelings were coming from deep within Darrell's heart! Darrell's ability to put into words what was breathing inside of his heart, mind, and soul was astonishing! Darrell's pen flowed like a waterfall rushing to a gorge. As I became involved in Darrell's book as I typed, I marveled at what I was reading.

Well, back to my point about how could God call Darrell to write a book? What I have learned through the years that I have walked with God is that, when God calls you to do something, anything, he will provide the resources needed to complete His Will. Darrell wrote this book, Dreams Outback, with the skills and the ability of a professional book writer. The story of Dreams Outback is written with such powerful and moving dialogue between the characters, that it makes you feel like you are part of the story. A story written with such passion, Dreams Outback will bring you to laughter, bring back old memories long forgotten, and move you to the edge of your seat with excitement. Darrell shares his innermost feelings in such a way as having your own heart touched by God, and bringing you to tears, tears of joy and sadness. How eloquently, and how profound is Darrell's writing! Dreams Outback is truly a work of artistic expression!

God had a message, and this message had to be told. Darrell knew this from the bottom of his heart and he set out to accomplish the task of getting this message from God out to the world. Dreams Outback will be the power of God unleashed upon our world, upon our fellow man, and upon all those who will listen to the message being told. Dreams Outback will speak to your heart about the injustices of today's worldviews. Dreams Outback will stir your soul to right the wrongs. Dreams Outback will move each of us to give honor to those deserving. Dreams Outback will help each of us to do our part to make this a better world for our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and their children.

Little is much when God is in it! God didn't look at Darrell's inability to write or his lack of literary skills. God looked on the inside of Darrell's heart, soul, mind, and being. A perfect instrument to accomplish what God had planned for this book! Darrell was a humble man who was willing to obey God regardless of his human frailties or the lack of his literary skills.

So hopefully, now, you know how Darrell wrote this book, Dreams Outback. I stand in awe and amazement at Darrell's writing ability and all that he accomplished through his writing of Dreams Outback. Darrell's writing moved me to tears, filled me with joy, and brought so much laughter I never knew was within me. Darrell's book, Dreams Outback, spoke to me and opened my eyes to the truths revealed within its pages and I know Dreams Outback will do the same for you.