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Dreams Outback
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We humans think we are so smart, but it takes us one full year of our life to learn to walk and say, momma, or daddy. We think we are so smart, but it takes three years to be potty trained and speak a few complete sentences. It takes four years to learn our ABC's and five years of our life to learn how to print them on paper. But, one thing is for sure. We become know-it-alls and learn the most popular phrase of all "I Know" before we reach the age of six.

But like a one-year-old child learning to walk, we adults think of walking the way we learned and only walk forward through life, because we have never learned to walk backwards. It's a strange feeling to walk backwards and not being able to see where you're going. The human mind works the same way and gets the same strange feeling when it walks backwards into our forgotten past.

While we walk forward through life, we only look back at our individual past every now and then. And when we do look back, we always do it with a quick glimpse over our shoulder. We never put our past in the right chronological order from beginning to end, because we are always too busy walking forward in life.

Think about it! Can you sit down, and remember your forgotten memories from the past and keep everything in chronological order? I don't think so! The human mind will never learn to walk backwards by itself and keep things in the proper order. Our busy minds need the help from family, friends, photographs, and memorabilia, because our eyes are always focused forward into the future.

The book, Dreams Outback, will make you become a child again, so you can walk forward into life, and put your past in the proper order. As you become a child again, you will live parts of your forgotten past through the characters in the book.

It does not matter what your age is, because everyone has a forgotten past and by reading the book, Dreams Outback, you will be able to laugh and cry the same way as you did when you were a small child.

Remember, your life as a newborn child started out as a mystery.

Do you understand?